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The Arctic Spas Advantage


What Does Premium Quality Look Like?

Years of worry-free enjoyment,
A soothing and refreshing spa experience, and
Ease of use, fun, and relaxation.
Premium quality leads to more relaxing, more enjoyment, and more value.  The quality engineering, innovation, and construction of Arctic Spas are unsurpassed. While not always the flashiest of features, we know you'll really appreciate and value the Arctic Spas Advantage when you're relaxing in your spa and not spending all your time worrying about it or maintaining it.  Premium quality is the simple reason why we're an Arctic Spas dealer and why we're passionate about the brand.  We invite you to learn more below.
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Years of worry-free enjoyment through industry-leading engineering & highly crafted construction

The features of a hot tub are of no use if the basic design and construction are subpar or your hot tub costs so much to operate you can't afford to use it. No one wants to worry about hoses and pumps freezing, cabinets rotting, shells cracking and leaking, or how much the electric bill will be. Arctic starts with the basics and engineers and constructs the core of its spas to last for many years and to operate reliably and efficiently, even in the world's harshest climates.  To make a well-informed decision, we encourage you to read about each of the features and options below and compare and contrast the engineering and construction of Arctic Spas with other manufacturers' hot tubs.


Engineering and Construction Features and Options Include:
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Self-Supporting "Heat Transfer" Shell: (A Key Differentiator) 
Guaranteed to last a lifetime.  The shell of an Arctic Spa is undoubtedly the core of its design, and as such, is uniquely designed to handle this function.  Arctic begins by vac-forming sheets of premium Aristech Cast Acrylic, transferring thousands or hours of mould design and engineering into a tactile form.  Now unmistakably an Arctic Spa, they hand apply layer after layer of a proprietary filler-free fiberglass composite material to give the shell its legendary strength. Arctic applies more fiberglass than any other hot tub manufacturer - and no cost-saving shortcuts are taken; no plastic backing, no props, and no foam is applied to the shell. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
Mylovac® 'Walk On' Cover: (A Key Differentiator)
The world's longest lasting hot tub cover and capable of supporting thousands of pounds of weight.  The Mylovac cover starts with foam twice as dense as the industry average.  A metal "C" channel is also inserted into the foam centers giving the cover its impressive strength.  Never worry about snow loads or kid loads again.  Then Arctic wraps these inserts in a metal/poly bag (similar to a coffee bag).  This bag is then vacuumed and heat sealed.  The technology is the only system that is capable of completely keeping moisture off of your cover inserts.  Wet and heavy covers result in constantly increasing running costs as well as regular cover replacement.  That isn't the case with the Mylovac Cover. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
Forever Floor®: (A Key Differentiator)
Composed of SMC fiberglass composite, this floor is impervious to moisture, pests, and time.  It completely eliminates the need for foundation materials like concrete, decking, or blocks (thus saving hundreds to thousands of dollars).  Just set it on firm, level ground, hook it up, fill and use.  Installation has never been easier and your floor will last forever in any conditions.  In addition, your portable spa is now truly portable.  If you move spa locations in your yard or if you move across town, the foundation comes with you. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
FreeHeat® Perimeter Insulation: (A Key Differentiator)
The investment in constructing a self-supporting shell allows Arctic Spas to insulate differently than anyone else.  For its design inspiration, they didn't have to look far - our homes provided all the inspiration and tested insulation technology needed.  We insulate the exterior walls, the floors, and most importantly, the attics of our homes and we tuck everything important to us within this insulated envelope.  This is the same concept Arctic uses to insulate its hot tubs.  Ambient heat from the pump penetrates the spa shell and heats the water.  In winter, this heat returns to the pump area in the event of a power loss.  FreeHeat is core to the Arctic Advantage and just makes intuitive sense.  We encourage you to learn more about this innovative hot tub engineering. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
Western Red Cedar Total Access™ Cabinet: (A Key Differentiator)
Beauty, strength and accessibility are built into every Arctic Spas cabinet.  Constructed using kiln-dried, clear, furniture grade Western Red Cedar that is uniquely suited for Arctic's engineering and durability.  It has remarkable ability to thrive in a wide range of temperatures, humidity, and a high resistance to pests.  In the design, the corners are rounded with tongue-and-groove vertical cedar dadoed into top and bottom 2x4 rails.  The sturdiness of Arctic's cabinets is incomparable, and no sagging, shifting, or misalignment will occur.  All come with up to eight inset access doors allowing for easy service and upgrades to any part of the spa.  To finish the cabinet, three coats of a special, protective wood treatment is applied. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
No Maintenance Composite Cabinet:
Arctic's Maintenance Free cabinet borrows from its tried and proven cedar cabinet, and they have replicated this beautiful and functional design in 100% composite materials. Solid top and bottom rails and vertical surfaces are made of all HighWood composite material -  highly resistant to the ravages of sun and weather, providing a true "no maintenance" exterior to your Arctic Spa. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
Premium Aristech Acrylic with Bio-Lok
In addition to Aristech Acrylics' excellent glass and color retention, Arctic's Bio-Lok surfaces are naturally impervious to microbes without the need of added chemicals.  The non-porous nature of Aristech's Bio-Lok acrylic defends against the penetration and growth of microorganisms on its surface.  Bio-Lok hot tubs are shielded against microbes, easy to clean, durable, and do not contain any anti-microbial chemicals, pesticides or similar additives. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
Tru-Guard™ Titanium/Teflon Coated Heater:
Guaranteed for 5 years, no questions asked.  Heaters fail more often than any other spa component.  This is because most spa heaters use a heating element submersed into the water, directly exposing it to the potential hazard of chemical imbalance or poor quality water (a problem usually not covered under most warranties).  Arctic's Tru-Guard™ heater uses the latest in heating technology to maximize efficiency and reliability for your peace of mind.  The Tru-Guard heater element is sealed from water exposure with the same protective barrier used to coat commercial acid tanks.  This patented coating prevents the build-up of minerals and shields against element corrosion. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
High Flow Energy Efficient Motors:
Arctic sources its motors achieve optimal standards in energy efficiency and water flow. As a result, Arctic Spas uses motors that provide the same intensity of water flow and jet performance without the excessive energy usage of higher horsepower competitors. Arctic is particularly proud of the fact that the motors in an Arctic Spa are extremely low consumers of energy at both low and high speeds.  A commitment to clever engineering leads to using silicon carbide seals so the seals have less parts, which limits failure potential.  Arctic Spas' motors represent its content quest to make sound, exceptional, and user-friendly products.  They're of the highest quality and efficiency, and are just another step towards creating more reliable hot tubs. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
Reflex Torsion Hoses: (A Key Differentiator)
Better hot tub performance, fewer problems. Arctic Spas is the first company in the industry to use Reflex Torsion hoses in every spa.  This highly specialized pipe is designed to fit externally over rigid PVC fittings, which allows greater gluing surface, higher water flow and eliminates fitting leaks due to hose movement.  Water in the spa hoses can be heavy and this pipe actually swells to absorb rest from the fittings.  Reflex Torsion hose is clear with a color coded strand of PVC running through it.  This makes for easy troubleshooting and allows us to see the colored glue when they water-test each spa at the factory.  If repairs are ever needed, a Reflex Torsion hose can usually be fixed with a hose clamp long before a leak location in a full foam spa can be determined. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
Industry-Leading Warranty: (A Key Differentiator)
Spa Shell: Lifetime, Equipment & Plumbing: 5 years, Other Components: 5 years, Shell Surface: 5 years, Cover: 3 years, Onzen System: 2 years, Aquatremor: 3 years, WetTunes: 1 year, ForeverFloor: 5 years, and SpaBoy: 2 years. Please click here to read the full Warranty Document.
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Soothing & refreshing spa experiences through individualized comfort, precise therapy, & pristine water quality

There are many reasons to own a hot tub, but most of them usually include relaxation and enjoyment. However, no two people are the exact size and shape and different people respond differently to water chemistry. To address these, Arctic has focused on luxurious, individualized comfort and therapy and exceptional water quality in all aspects of its designs. Some of these may seem obvious and others are so nuanced and detailed that you only notice them when they're missing.


Comfort, Therapy, and Water Care Features and Options Include:
(Click on the + sign to expand each item)
21 Different Models To Fit Your Exact Needs & Dreams:
With 13 different hot tub models and 8 different all weather pool (aka swim spas) models, it's almost certain that Arctic Spas has the perfect spa for you. Search for specific size or features in our Online Shop. We have many in stock or each model can be custom ordered to your exact specifications.
Pulse jets With Bearing-Less Rotation: (A Key Differentiator)
Arctic Spas patented rotating, bearing-less Pulse jets provide a range of massage from light and refined to deep and invigorating. As the nozzle smoothly rotates on a titanium shaft, water oscillates in a pattern that never stings. Arctic's jets thread in and out, so that removal is never a hassle, but still retain an adjustable face to vary the pressure as required. With no ball bearings to ever seize and fail, your personal masseuse never takes a day off. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
Dedicated Zone Therapy:
Arctic has taken great care to position its jetting packages to provide the best massage possible by using Dedicated Zone Therapy profiles. Within this system, select seats have a dedicated therapy function. You will see neck and upper back stations designed to provide stress relief for these common tension trigger points, whereas lower back and lumbar specific stations target the muscles and soft tissues that support the lower back region. The jetting flow in these stations is tuned to match the size of the muscle groups within that area. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
Individualized, Sculpted Seats (aka Captain's Chairs): (A Key Differentiator)
Sport arenas, airlines and concert halls all offer a variety of seating styles – and when you have a choice, don't you prefer to choose the most comfortable chair? Arctic's seats have been meticulously designed to wrap and support a wide range of body dimensions and include adjustable headrests and multi-level armrests (no more wondering where to put your arms!). Specific consideration is given to torso length, seat width and angle, and jet placement to provide luxurious comfort and therapy to all body types.
Adjustable Headrests:
Finally a hot tub headrest that works! After years of issues dealing with poorly placed, deteriorating pillows, Arctic has come up with the ultimate hot tub pillow design. Arctic's telescoping design adjusts to perfectly fit varying heights of bathers and cradles the neck to maximize comfort. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
Soothe your body and soul. The power of scent to positively change your state of mind is a widely accepted and utilized natural therapy, and a perfect enhancement to a therapeutic soak. Each Arctic spa incorporates the Lasting Scents™ inline aromatherapy system that introduces fragranced air directly into the spa. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
Active Skim Filtration: (A Key Differentiator)
Each Arctic Spa filter chamber houses its Active Skim Filtration mechanism to ensure clean and comfortable water. Active Skim Filtration constantly adjusts to the changing water level in your hot tub thus maintaining powerful surface skimming. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
Complete Control Water Filtration:
All Arctic Spas come standard with an adjustable filter cycle system using low speed on pump 1 to do the filtering. This system is programmable from 1 to 24 hours of run time. With the additional of the Peak II Ozone Filtration System (see below), you can have a 24 hour filtration pump system as well, which is also programmable in 1 to 24 hour increments.
Silver Sentinel 1 Micron Filters:
These depth filters trap particles within the filter media (up to 900 sq. ft. in each filter) and offer the additional benefit of embedded nano silver internal coating. At an amazing 1 Micron level of particle trapping, Silver Sentinel filters offer the highest level of filtration, and are disposable and recyclable. All Silver Sentinel Filters eliminate the need for many auxiliary de-foaming, clarifiers, filter cleaners, and coagulating chemicals. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
Therapy Air:
Lighter, bubblier massage. Air, like water, can be used for therapeutic massage. Arctic Spas offers an available therapy air package on all spas for frothy fun. It uses a powerful air blower that forces air out of multiple air jets throughout the spa for a gentle, bubbling massage that makes you tingle from head to toe. Unlike most other spas that draw cold air from the outside, Arctic Spas Therapy Air draws warm air from the heated air space under the spa, providing a warm and comfortable massage even in cooler weather. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
Peak Ozone Filtration:
Arctic offers two levels of Peak Ozone Filtration, Peak I and Peak II:
  • Peak I Ozone: During filtration water moves through an area where it is exposed to activated oxygen, or ozone, which provides remarkable oxidation (the process of adding oxygen resulting in the breakdown of organic matter). Concentrated ozone is created within twin Failsafe generators and is injected into the water.
  • Peak II Ozone: The Peak II system offers all the same benefits of the Peak I system but with the addition of a circulation pump to more efficiently produce and control ozone production from 1-24 hours. Peak II also includes a mixing chamber that is double the volume of the Peak I system
Click to visit the product page for video and more.
    Onzen Salt Water System: (A Key Differentiator)
    The Onzen Salt Water System is Arctic Spas' proprietary salt water system that produces sanitizer from Dead Sea Salts through the process of electrolysis. With similar salinity to a human tear, salt water sanitizer is much more gentle to the skin and eyes, thus creating a soothing and comfortable therapy experience. Also, through a salt water sanitizer generator, sanitizer is created rather than added to the system so there is very little on-going cost related providing some comfort to your wallet as well as your time! Click to visit the product page for video and more.
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        Ease of use, fun, & relaxation through innovative, enjoyable, & usable technology

        In today's world, technology is integrated into so many aspects of our lives and spa relaxation and enjoyment should be no different. Technology is great if it makes life easier, but it's not of much use if it doesn't work or a constant headache.  Arctic has developed leading and reliable technology solutions to improve the ease of use, care, and enjoyment of your spa.


        Usable Technology Features and Options Include:
        (Click on the + sign to expand each item)
        SpaBoy Automated Water Testing & Management: (A Key Differentiator)
        Arctic's automated water care system, Spa Boy represents the most important advancement to hot tubs in many years. Rather than relying on inconvenient and imprecise manual testing and addition of sanitizer to your spa, Spa Boy automatically senses and maintains ideal spa water conditions. No more test strips, inaccurate manual dosing of spa water with a barrage of chemicals - Spa Boy simply, accurately and effortlessly maintains perfect clear and safe spa water for you. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
        Self-Diagnostic Topside Control:
        Standard on Arctic Spas is the Gecko brand spa pack and topside control. This premium-class control system is extremely dependable, and offers good upgradability and ease of use. Its capable self-diagnostic function makes service issues very straightforward – most issues can be resolved with a quick call to a technician. Heating, filtration and salt water system control are all programmable via the touch-pad topside control. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
        EcoPack & OnSpa Featuring Web Connect: (A Key Differentiator)
        The Eco-Pack control system is a cutting-edge platform ready for the future with a faster processor, improved relays, an Ethernet connection to access the internet, and features huge upgradability. Combined with onSpa®, Arctic's Bluetooth®/ WiFi module, any WiFi–enabled device, such as an iPhone® can function as your spa remote control. With the Arctic Spas smart-phone apps, you can change filtration rates, operate jets, stereos and lighting systems. Additionally, you can stream audio from any Bluetooth – enabled device to the spa's stereo systems. Upgrades and updates to the Eco-Pack spa pack will be delivered via the Arctic Spas® Smartphone Apps*, so your pack's functionality can continue to grow seamlessly. And, best of all, as Arctic continues to develop new systems, this platform has the capability to handle them all. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
        Northern Lights:
        Inspired by the Aurora Borealis of the northern winter skies, the optional Arctic Spas Northern Light system brings digital colour changes and fades to your spa. With an extensive variety of patterns and sequences, you can choose the perfect lighting scheme for your mood. The system has two light locations that work together to fill your spa with color. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
        Family Lighting Package (FLP):
        The Family Lighting Package features 2 underwater lights and uses elegant backlighting of the controls and drink holders along the top lip area of your spas. Additionally, “water-rope” waterfalls are also backlit. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
        Ultimate Lighting:
        Lighting taken to the next level! In the Ultimate Lighting package, all jets are backlit through clear sections with technology that neither affects water flow, nor creates a leak potential. All controls and cup holders are backlit as well, and Arctic top things off with beautiful Titanium sconces that house down light LEDs that illuminate and attractively accent the beautiful cabinets. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
        WetTunes Sound System:
        The WetTunes stereo option uses beautiful Poly Planar™ air-rise speakers. These speakers provide fantastic sound while providing great durability in adverse conditions. Mated to these speakers is a powered subwoofer, delivering thumping low-end sound from within our FreeHeat cabinet. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
        Aquatremor Sound System: (A Key Differentiator)
        The basis of the Aquatremor stereo system is the use of tactile transducers rather than speakers. These transducers are bonded to the shell and cabinet and drive sound through both solids and liquids with incredible clarity, effectively turning the spa shell, the cabinet and the spa water into the “speaker”. As the human body is composed primarily of water, the sound waves pass through you as you relax in the water – so not only are you hearing the music - it surrounds you, moves through you and you truly feel it! Every Arctic Spa mould design now has a signature Aquatremor Seat, giving the music lover the most direct connection to the music possible. Also available with Aquatremor is Arctic's downloadable vibro-acoustic massage. These massaging audio tracks use very low frequency tones to massage different muscle groups. It’s a therapy that needs to be experienced. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
        Aquatremor Deluxe Sound System:
        When you combine the WetTunes and the Aquatremor systems into one, you have created the best in spa sound available anywhere. The combination of high quality Poly Planar™ speakers, amplification, as well as tactile transducers will surround spa users with unmatched, opulent sound quality. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
        SkyFall Fogger
        : Arctic's SkyFall® Fogger generates and cascades an ethereal mist onto the water’s surface of your spa. Without the noise and splash of conventional water features, SkyFall® adds a dramatic, yet soothing aspect to your hot tub experience. The color changing SkyFall® LED backlighting accentuates the gentle motion of the mist, sequencing with your other lighting sources. Click to visit the product page for video and more.
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