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Comfort, Massage, & Dedicated Zone Therapy

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More than just jet count and horsepower to a great massage

Comfort and Massage
Arctic Spas believes that everyone deserves comfort - and you will see luxurious individualized seating in many of its mould designs.  Arctic seats have been meticulously designed to wrap and support a wide range of body dimensions, providing multi-level armrests and adjustable headrests in all the right spots.
In most of its designs, Arctic provides gender specific and individualized seating, with consideration given to torso length, seat width and jet placement.
Dedicated Zone Therapy
Within these sculpted seats, Arctic has taken great effort to position the jetting packages to provide the best massage possible.  With Dedicated Zone Therapy jetting profile select seats have a dedicated therapy function - you will see neck and upper back stations, designed to provide stress relief for these common tension trigger points, whereas lower back and lumbar specific stations target the muscles and soft tissues that support the lower back region.
The jetting flow in these stations is tuned to match the size of the muscle groups within that area - large muscle groups have more pressure at their disposal, other seats which target more superficial muscles spread out the jet pressure for a gentler, more general massage. And, you will also see seats with no jets at all - because at times, a relaxing soak without jets is just what’s needed.


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