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Arctic Spas Request Info for Glacier

Designed With A Perfect View In Mind

  • Room for 5 adults with 2 side-by-side captain's chairs & open seating for 3
  • 2 parallel sculpted captain's chairs uniquely designed to take in a view
  • 3 dedicated Therapy Zones
  • The Arctic Spas Advantage (learn more here)
*see Warranty Document for full details


With two parallel sculpted captain's chairs, the Glacier is uniquely designed to take advantage of a beautiful view.  Reclining in these wrap-around therapy seats as you take in a breathtaking vista (or movie!) is a truly opulent experience! The Glacier has room for friends, but shines as a luxurious therapeutic experience for two (very lucky) occupants. 


Seating Capacity: 5 people through 2 captain's chairs & open seating for 3
Jet & Pump Series:
Signature Select: 40 jets & 2 pumps (2nd picture)
Pump Speeds: Pump 1: Dual Speed
Pump 2: Single Speed
Dedicated Therapy Zones: Upper Back & Neck
Lower Back & Lumbar
Calves & Thighs
Warranty* Lifetime on shell
5 years on most parts & components
*see Warranty Document for full details
Dimensions: 86" x 86" x 41" (WxLxH)
Volume: 302 gallons


Inspired by the most beautiful places on earth & engineered for the harshest
Premium quality & innovative for an unsurpassed luxury spa experience


Lifetime Shell Structure & 5 Year Equipment, Parts, & Components Warranty*
Factory-trained Warranty Support and Service From Acme Pure Blu
Hand-built Western Red Cedar Cabinet with Total Access
Self-Supporting "Heat Transfer" Pure Fiberglass Shell
Digital Spa Pack & Self-Diagnostic Topside Control
Premium Aristech Acrylic with BioLock
FreeHeat Perimeter Insulation System
Pulse Jets with Bearing-less Rotation
Individualized Comfort & Massage
Infinite Telescopic Filtration Weirs
1 Micron Silver Sentinel Filter
Reflex Torsion Hoses
LED Lighting


*see Warranty Document for complete terms & conditions



*Options & Upgrades currently included in FREE Advantage Package
Lighting: Family
Sound: WetTunes
Ozone Filtration: Peak 1
Salt Water: Onzen Salt System
Automation: SpaBoy Automatic Water Testing & Management
Cabinet: Sable No Maintenance Composite Cabinet
Fountain: SkyFall Water Feature
Gentle Massage: Therapy Air
Floor: Forever Floor
Cover: Mylovac Walk-On Cover
Heater: Tru-Guard Heater Upgrade*
Controls: EcoPack With OnSpa Upgrade*


Energy efficiency is a hallmark of the Arctic Spas Advantage.  When buying a spa, the total cost of ownership is just as important as the purchase price.  The operating cost over a spa's lifetime varies depending on how often you use it, its energy efficiency, how precisely you can control energy consumption, & maintenance.  

With innovations such as the Free Heat Insulation System & OnSpa, Arctic Spas are designed with high energy efficiency & low operating costs as a priority.


  • The Forever Floor, Perimeter Insulation, Heat Transfer Full Fiberglass Hull, & Mylovac Cover work together to create a complete envelope of insulation (just like your home)
  • The system recycles the heat from the pump motors & uses it to heat the water instead of wasting it by releasing it to the exterior
  • The heater runs less often, saving on electricity & extending it's life
  • The Ross Exhaust system prevents overheating by releasing excess heat to the exterior


  • Complete control of your spa to run it most efficiently from anywhere in the world, including heater & filtration cycles

  • Power Consumption feature tells you exactly how much it costs to operate your spa & what components are using the most energy. Throw the $1 a day rule of thumb out the window; you'll know your exact energy cost & be able to manage it!

  • Cloud-based factory monitoring of equipment performance allows for equipment alerts, troubleshooting, & often times remote solutions deployment; saving you money on service calls.



    • Arctic Spas are custom-priced for your individualized configuration & price point
    • Great savings off MSRP depending on availability of inventory & promotions
    • Several financing options available (learn more here)
    • Spas for all budgets & all types of backyard dreams

    Request a quote or call today - our floor model Glacier is 50% off MSRP currently, a deal that won't come around again!


    We really believe in The Arctic Spas Advantage, so we include as many Custom Options as possible - for FREE. Currently we include these valuable options as part of our Advantage Package:

    Forever Floor

    Mylovac Cover

    EcoPack & OnSpa Featuring Web Connect

    Tru-Guard Heater

    Local Delivery & Startup

    See One, Try One ... Buy One?

    Thank you for your interests in Arctic Spas. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and share more about The Arctic Spas Advantage.  

    To learn more about the Glacier by Arctic Spas please choose one of these options:

    Phone: (616) 899-7665
    Visit us: You can see the Glacier in our retail showroom
    Wet Test: Experience an Arctic Spa before you buy with a private wet test.  Contact a spa specialist today to schedule.


    Jet & Pump Series
    Acrylic Color
    Ocean Wave

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