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Self-Supporting Heat Transfer Shell

Arctic Spas Request Info for Self-Supporting Heat Transfer Shell

Guaranteed to last a lifetime

The shell of an Arctic spa is undoubtedly the core of its design, and as such, is uniquely designed to handle this function.


Is it more costly and labor intensive to build a self-supporting shell?... absolutely. But Arctic believes it to be the best way, and that has always been its pursuit.
Arctic begins by vac-forming sheets of premium Aristech ® cast acrylic, transferring thousands of hours of mould design and engineering into a tactile form. Now unmistakably an Arctic spa, they hand apply layer after layer of a proprietary filler-free fiberglass composite material to give this form its legendary strength. They apply more fiberglass than anyone else in the business - and no cost-saving shortcuts are taken; no plastic backing, no props or supports, and no foam is ever applied to an Arctic shell.
After numerous procedures to check strength and alignment criteria, shells head to Arctic's state of the art water-jet robotic and CNC cutting stations for trimming.  The result is a perfect blend of strength and accuracy - and the backbone for the application of cutting edge technology that is signature Arctic Spas. Arctic is so confident in the strength of its hot tubs, it offers a lifetime warranty on the shell structure. Please see the complete warranty for more details, located here.


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