About us



The Short Story

We're Acme Pure Blu, and we provide residential and commercial pool, spa, and outdoor living products and services with a focus on simplifying your family's fun and relaxation.

We love water, family and friends, and the beauty of the outdoors.  We love the relaxation, entertainment, and fun that happens when any of these mix. Our goal is to provide pool, spa, and outdoor living products and services that contribute to great memories with family and friends, and that make owning a pool and spa much more fun than you imagined and a lot less of a burden than you may have experienced.

We know that life is precious, that the most memorable times are experiences with others, and that you work hard for what you earn. We take great care to offer only the products and services with the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail that are built to endure, that are innovative and wisely use technology, that focus on efficiency and serviceability, and that have a strong value over the life of your ownership.

We thank you for your trust and for the opportunity to help simplify your pool, spa, and outdoor living.

Our Name & Heritage





Located in West Michigan, on the northwest side of Grand Rapids (only 15 minutes from downtown), Acme Pure Blu is the retail, service, and maintenance provider of the Acme Pool & Spa family of companies (our sister company, Acme Pool Construction, Inc. builds and remodels custom shotcrete pools).We’re fortunate to live and work among some of the most beautiful natural wonders on earth, surrounded every day by lush forests, fields and hills; panoramic sunrises and sunsets; orchards and vineyards; numerous rivers and streams (over 51,000 miles); and most uniquely, over 11,000 pristine, pure blue inland lakes, including the Great Lakes. From anywhere in Michigan one is never more than 85 miles from one of the Great Lakes and the panoramic views of pure blue water that are visible from their shorelines. In our line of work, we get to transfer the fun and beauty of this pure blue water to your own backyard and help take care of it.

In addition to our love of bringing the beauty of water into our clients' lives, we also owe our start as a company to the long legacy and craftsmanship of the pool and spa professionals at Acme Pool Construction, Inc. - now our sister company. Everyday as we pursue our purpose and grow our business, we respect and take seriously the responsibility of continuing their legacy and care of customers.

We have a lot to be proud of and to live up to, so as we thought about a name for our company, it only seemed fitting that it reference not only our heritage, but also the purity and color of the great, natural wonder of Michigan’s lakes, rivers, streams, and backyard water. Thus, Acme Pure Blu was born.


We are a part of the Acme Pool & Spa family of companies that includes Acme Pure Blu and Acme Pool Construction.  With over 40 years of building, servicing, and maintaining pools and spas we have the experience, knowledge, skills, and resources to take care of any of your pool and spa needs. We are a member of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) and to increase our skills and knowledge, our employees regularly participate in APSP and manufacturer training and certifications.