Pool FAQs

The Basics

Now is the time to make the decision to convert your bland backyard into something extraordinary by adding a pool from Acme Pure Blu. Whether it's an above-ground pool, a fiberglass in-ground pool, a vinyl liner steel wall in-ground or a concrete and plaster pool, a well-built pool will create an entertainment and relaxation paradise in West Michigan. Pools create centers for family fun and great neighborhood parties with friends. You'll be surrounded by laughter while bonding and making forever memories. Pull out the coolers, fire up the grill and enjoy the outdoors from sunrise to sunset. 

When considering what pool is perfect for your lifestyle, we encourage you to consult the pool experts at Acme Pure Blu. Our staff has more than 40 years of experience and will help you determine what fits your needs and your budget. Talk to one of our specialists today with a free, no-obligation discussion. 


Here are our answers to some questions that you may have when thinking about purchasing a pool: 


What types of pools are available? 



How long does it take to install or build a pool? 



How much do pools cost?  

Is financing available? We have a wide array of financing options, and Acme Pure Blu supports fall and holiday layaway and price locks. 

How long do pools last?  

This depends a lot on the type of pool you purchase and how well you maintain it.  The adage “you get what you pay for” generally rings true though when it comes to pools.  A pop-up pool may only last for a few summers. A well-maintained in-ground pool can last decades, if not generations, with proper care. A better pool positions you for years of fun in the sun. 

What pool safety features are available? 

There is no substitute for proper supervision of swimmers by responsible adults. Beyond proper adult supervision, there are steps that can be taken to enhance the safety of a pool, especially when it is not being used, or not supposed to be in use. Acme Pure Blu experts can help you think through the safety issues and recommend the best solutions for your concerns and situation. Often that means fencing, auto and/or safety covers, safety ropes and equipment like life rings, hooks, lifelines and life vests.  

What type of features and options are available?  

From sun shelves, water jets and lighting, there are any number of choices you can make to fit your lifestyle and use of your new pool. In our opinion, some of the most valuable are the ones that help you with your pool's upkeep, such as automation that helps optimized water filtration and energy efficiency. There are also floor cleaning systems and robotic cleaners that reduce the time investment. Talk with our Acme Pure Blu experts to sort through what is best for you.

What type of regular maintenance is required?  

The simple truth is that pools require regular maintenance and care, especially during the swimming season. It is not, however, as hard as it used to be as great strides have been made to ease the workload through expert service and automation. 

In general, basic care for Michigan pools includes opening the pool in the spring and closing the pool in the fall. There is weekly vacuuming, cleaning the water line, water balancing and filter media cleaning. Skimming the water for debris before each swim and balancing the water after a heavy bather load are usually required. A quality pool retailer, such as Acme Pure Blu, will provide free computerized water analysis to identify issues and a full set of products and solutions to simplify the task of addressing them.