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Spas and Hot Tub

The Basics

Buying a spa for your home will provide an incredible addition to your home's overall comfort, recreation options and health and relaxation level. You will kick back and let the water literally soak away your worries: hydrotherapy is proven to reduce stress and help manage medical conditions! 

Acme Pure Blu's goal is to answer common questions that help you select the best spa for your needs and budget in West Michigan. Our experts are happy to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to make your spa or hot tub purchase experience as simple and easy as possible. We have more than 40 years of experience guiding our Grand Rapids-area customers,  whether it is a portable hot tub for personal and family use or a custom built-in hot tub that will be the center of an outdoor oasis.

Here are answers to 9 common questions: 

How much will I have to spend? The price tag will depend on what you want - we'll help narrow the options to the investment level that makes you comfortable. As a general rule, basic hot tub spas can start at about $2,000 and can run up to $20,000 for all-in-one portable units. A swim spa budget should start at $15,000, while built-in spas range in price from $20,000 or more. Site preparation, particularly for built-in spas, will require an additional expense, but some portable units – like our Arctic Spas brand – can be placed without a concrete slab or other base below them. 

What is the difference between portable hot tub and a built-in spa? A portable unit will come with all the equipment, plumbing and controls in place and ready to go. They are typically made of a plastic or acrylic shell and contain energy-efficient insulation. Meanwhile, a built-in spa is a permanent structure that is usually constructed with concrete and often connected to a pool. Pools and spas can share equipment, but sometimes there is a reason to separate the two, such as your desire to use the spa year-round. Determining which one is "better" is an individual choice and one we'll assist you in making. 

What options are important? Jets and pumps are critical to achieving the comfort level and potential therapeutic benefits you may desire, and the filtration system is a key to the health of the water you'll relax in. Don't assume more jets and pumps are better. The type and power of massage jets and whether they can be individually controlled is part of the equation. It's also important to assess the water flow and diversion of the pump. We highly recommend ozone filtration as it adds oxygen to the water and acts as a disinfectant. Finally, whether to lounge or not to lounge? Lounges are often underused, especially if they are not designed to reduce buoyancy of your body. They can also diminish the number of family members and friends who can enjoy the warmth and massage benefits at one time. 

What is often overlooked in a spa purchase? The hot tub cover, which should be included in the purchase, is seldom considered, but it is truly one of the most important components of a spa's functioning and energy efficiency. Much of a spa's heat loss is from the top, so if your cover is not energy efficient, the hot tub operation will cost you more. The thickness, durability, seams and moisture absorbency all affect the quality. Your Acme Pure Blu representative will cover – pun intended – all of this during your planning phase. 

What are the operating and maintenance expenses? The real operating cost of a spa is probably the most overlooked and under-verified par
t of a spa purchase
Most spa companies will say $1 per day, but have no way to prove this to be true. Over 10 years, an inaccurate estimate can mean differences of thousands of dollars in operating costs.  Like your house, spa energy efficiency is determined by the quality and construction of the materials and technology used and how it is all engineered to work together.  Our experts will show you how this works and then they'll show you hard data for spas operating in real life situations – not data from a climate-controlled testing lab. 

Is there a "good," "better," and "best"? While the terms are subjective, here at Acme Pure Blu we are strong believers in buying the highest-quality product for your budget. Spas are often exposed to the elements, so the materials, design and engineering are crucial. Our advice is to prioritize your needs and spend accordingly. We won't try to sell you on "extras" that add up quickly. It's important to compare apples to apples when evaluating features and prices. 

At Acme Pure Blu, our experts are here to help you prioritize what's important to you and we're confident that we'll have the perfect solution for your budget and dreams.   

How long before I can have a hot tub installed? Ideally, a portable spa can be at your home and installed in a few days, but the timeline is largely dependent on when you buy and how prepared you are before delivery. A built-in spa can take a year or more to meet your exact design specifications and desires.  

How can I be sure I'll be fully satisfied? Acme Pure Blu's showroom can set up a "wet test" for you – where you actually get in the spa of your choice with water and features activated. We have a track record of success in matching clients with the spa that they desire and we stand behind our products one hundred percent, and to show our commitment to you, we will take back your spa at full price within 30 days of delivery and credit the money towards the purchase of a different brand or model. After that, we'll take your hot tub as a trade or buy it back at market value.  

Is financing available? We have a wide array of financing options, and Acme Pure Blu supports fall and holiday layaway and price locks.