Pro Tip: Cartridge Filter Cleaning

July 12, 2017

Pro Tip: Cartridge Filter Cleaning

Filters keep your water nice and clean - but they need some attention themselves. We recommend cleaning your filters regularly so they continue doing their job well - but it isn't that hard to do at home! 

Follow the steps below for filters that are basically as good as new:
1. Hose off the filter. 

Using a standard garden hose, rinse off the filter from top to bottom. (You can also pre-treat with a little diatomaceous earth in the cartridge filters, which will make the dirt come off a little easier.)

You should never pressure-wash your filter, because the bands holding the pleats in place can snap under pressure, causing them to collapse in on themselves and significantly reducing the surface area of filtration.

2. Soak the filter. 
After hosing down the cartridges, it's important to put the filters through a soaking process. Find a large container that you can fill with Kleen It a filter-cleaning agent. Allow the filters to soak overnight in both the muriatic acid and the filter-cleaning agent - or longer, if desired.
3. Repeat soak. 

Once the filters have soaked in the solution, you can also lightly rinse them and place them in a container of water to soak again, following that with another chlorine bath to brighten and lighten the filters.

4. Air dry.
Once the cartridge is clean, it is best to allow it to air-dry, preferably in direct sunlight, before using it again. Allowing it to dry completely gives the cartridge time for its fibers to fluff up completely, which is important because the fibers need to expand to be effective. If not, they can be crushed or pushed down easily, reducing the long-term effectiveness of the filter.