Winterizing Your Pool - It doesn't have to be so hard

September 15, 2016

Winterizing Your Pool - It doesn't have to be so hard

That poor kid's face says it all!  

It's fall and we don't want pool season to end either.  But it must (unless you're the Polar-Bearing type).
Since it has to be done, make sure it's done right.  Closing and winterizing your pool correctly is crucial.  If done incorrectly, frozen water in pipes, skimmers, and equipment can cause severe damage and make for a very unpleasant spring.  
At Acme Pure Blu, we offer partial or complete pool closing and winterizing products and services.  If you haven't already, give us a call to schedule your closing - there's still time.
If you prefer to do it yourself, give our store a call with any questions.  We'll be glad to help.


Winter Water Care

Not as often thought of is how to properly winterize the pool water.  Properly preparing water for winter is also important and has a big effect on how clean, balanced, and ready it is in the spring.  Take some time now to care for your water and you'll have an easier spring.
Our friends at BioGuard made a very helpful instructional video that provides the best practices for closing and winterization water care.  Take a look at it below, and of course, as your BioGuard dealer, we have all the best in water care products.  Stop in or give us a call to purchase all of your closing chemicals, winter and safety covers, accessories, and services.

Thanks for a great pool season.  We're already looking forward to seeing you next season!  Now onto Spa Season!