Above-Ground Pools

It's never too late to soak up the moments of laughter, lazy days, and cannonballs by adding an above-ground pool from Acme Pure Blu. We want to help bring a bit of paradise to your backyard by creating an entertainment and recreation center for family, friends and guests. There's nothing like the relaxing fun of stepping outside your home and making Michigan summer memories that will last a lifetime.

Hoffinger Aspen Wind

Hoffinger's Aspen Wind pool

At Acme Pure Blu, we want to help you decide how to choose the right above-ground pool for your home. We live, work and play in West Michigan just like you, and our team has more than 40 years of experience of getting it right!  

We offer a variety of above-ground pools from trusted manufacturers, but more than anything we want you to determine what is best for you and what is involved with installing, owning and maintaining your water wonderland.  

Learn the answers to some basic questions below.   

Key questions to consider 

Hoffinger's Silver Interlude poolHow much does it cost? This is the first question and the great unknown for future pool buyers. The simple answer is: Not as much as you might think. Above-ground pool kits, depending on size and material it is constructed from, can range from $1,000 to $10,000. A good package will include the pool, a liner, a pump, a filter, a ladder and basic maintenance tools. 

 What else will I have to pay for? Installation is extra, generally starting around $750 and running up to $2,500. It will depend on the location of the pool and what is necessary to make it the safe and fun environment that you desire. Installations require basic excavation and a sand base, which is usually $750 to $1,000. 

How much maintenance is necessary? This depends on where you live, the weather and how often your pool is used. Weekly vacuuming, water and filer cleaning and water balancing are necessary. The average annual cost of water treatments can range from $250 to $500. Don't forget the pool will need to be opened up in the spring and closed in the fall - services that Acme Pure Blu can provide to ease the start and end of swim season.

Lomart's Summer Serenade poolHow big of a pool should I get? How much room do I need? Our goal is to make you happy for years to come, so we'll help guide you in the decision-making process. Round pools start at 15-feet round and can range up to 33-feet. Oval pools start at 12-feet by 24-feet and grow as large as 18-feet by 34-feet. 

Our experience tells us a family of 4 with an occasional guest should find an 18-foot to 21-foot round pool adequate, but 24-foot and larger pools provide extra space for more enjoyment. Those options allow more people in the water at the same time for splashing, games, and cannonballs! 

Your Acme Pure Blu expert will talk and offer advice based on your goals. Another element to consider is any decking and landscaping that may be near the summer fun spot.  

Why choose above-ground? Above-ground round pools provides more swimming area at a lower price. Above-ground oval pools can be a better choice for smaller yards with trees or other obstacles. Again, that's what Acme Pure Blu will help you with during a free, no-obligation consultation. 

Hoffinger's Graystone poolHow fast can I have a pool installed? As soon as possible! Our goal is to give you as much summer swim time as we can. The busy season begins in April and runs through August. The faster you act, the quicker we can get your pool ready. If you're looking long-term, Acme Pure Blu offers fall and holiday layaway programs that not only make an exciting gift, but will jump-start your excitement for when the weather turns warm again. 

Why should I buy from Acme Pure Blu instead of a big-box store? As with most investments, you get what you pay for. Buying from a big retailer may appear to save you money up front, but it will likely cost you in the long run. The materials are inferior and the sales representatives will not have the knowledge that experts at Acme Pure Blu possess. To those stores, it's simply a sale. Your pool purchase with Acme Pure Blu is the start of a local relationship and we back our products one hundred percent. 

Is financing available? We have a wide array of financing options, and as mentioned, Acme Pure Blu supports fall and holiday layaway. 

How do I find out more? Set up a free consultation by clicking here or calling (616) 899-7665.  Start planning your dream backyard by browsing our above ground pool options below.  


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